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Use AI to Automatically Grow Your Online Business

Dear Valued Web Hosting Clients,We are excited to announce that our web hosting services now offer the ability to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your website to automate various tasks and improve your overall online presence. With AI, you can streamline your website's operations, boost efficiency, and save time and resources.Here are ... Read More »

22nd Feb 2023
Master Automation Hub™ Website Showcase!

Since the day our Master Automation Hub™ template was developed, it's been a hit! And it's been ever evolving. Are you looking for the right person to help you design and automate your website and build it out for you? We do have this video series to help you learn how to do it yourself. But if the videos are not for you and you just want ... Read More »

30th Jan 2023
Automatically Translate Your MAH Website into Any Language

Dear valued web hosting clients,We are excited to introduce you to a feature that allows your Master Automation Hub WordPress website to be translated into any language for free! We understand that having a website that can reach a wider audience is important to you, and we want to help you achieve that goal.With this feature, you can now have ... Read More »

9th Jun 2022
Our Team is Expanding Again - We Have a New Partner Manager

We're growing faster than ever right now at Automate WP. To help with the on-boarding of new partnership leaders we've hired a new Partner Program Manager, Jessica S. Jessica will be helping newbies in the partnership program get settled with all their partner tools and will ensure that your brand website is live within 24 hours of registration ... Read More »

30th Dec 2021
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