1- Introduction (1)

A Walkthrough of Your Website & the Automate WP Control Panel (cPanel)

2- Understanding the Power of WordPress (11)

Learn more about WordPress, the powerful CMS in the world.

3 - Designing Your Website (9)

Learn how to make changes on your website, create/clone new pages, and use templates.

4 - Email Setup & Configuration (4)

Create your custom domain email or forward emails to your gmail.

5 - eCommerce Shop Setup & Configuration (5)

Learn mroe about selling digital and physical products on your website. Setup Dropshipping, sell ebooks, courses, and more.

6 - Collecting Leads Into a CRM or Direct to Email (highly recommended) (3)

Learn how to collect data on your customers and website visitors so you can trigger hundreds of automations to help you make more sales.

7 - Google Analytics Setup & Other Tracking (2)

Setup your tracking code and submit your site to google

8 - Facebook Pixel Setup & Configuration (2)

Setup your tracking code, conversion pixels, and custom audiences.

9 - Next Steps and Making Money With Your Website (1)

Learn about all the options available to you now that you have a professional WordPress website running on blazing fast cloud servers.

Technical Help and Support (9)

Help with some of the technical things you might face

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