• Thursday, September 3, 2020

This is a website development service that has never been offered before and is only available on Automate WP servers.

Start Your business with the Master Automation Hub™.

Everything you need to make money in one WordPress website.

We've created 4 amazing done-for-you WordPress templates that are built to automate everything possible for your online business.

Master Automation Hub Templates:

  • Pro Template - A general pro template for any new online business.
  • Fitness Template - Perfect for online trainers or people selling online training, courses, downloads. merch, and services
  • Web Developer Template - Perfect for people looking to start a new web development company.
  • Blog School Affiliate Template - A fully pre-built automated money making website.

We call these templates the Master Automation Hub™ Templates.

Below are examples of the pages created (Pro Template) that come pre-built with your website.

All you have to do is change the pictures and information to launch your website.

This does not require any technical skills.

Main Demo:

Pro Master Automation Hub™ Template: https://automatewp.com/demo/


About – /about
Media Kit – /mediakit
Services – /services
Testimonials – /testimonials
FAQ – /faq
Contact – /contact
Feedback – /feedback
Customer Support – /support
Links (similar to link-tree) – /links
Pricing – /pricing
Questionnaire – /questionnaire

*note: pages include global elements. If you change one thing it will change across the entire website.

Dynamic Pages

Blog – /blog
404 Not Found – /404
Search Page (example) – /?s=blog
Podcast – /podcast
Members Area – /members-area

*note: these pages build dynamic content automatically as you add content to your website.

Lead Gen & Thank You Pages

Newsletter – /newsletter
Newsletter Thank You - /newsletter/thank-you

Start Here (lead gen) – /start
Start Here Thank You - /start/thank-you

*note: lead conversion pixels preset for you on thank you pages

Sales Page

Join – /join

*note: The 'Buy Now' button on this page is already linked to a WooCommerce product for people to purchase.

Shop Pages

Shop – /shop
Cart – /cart
Checkout – /checkout
Order Received – /checkout/order-received
My Account – /my-account

*note: 3 products have been pre-built for you: 1. Zoom consultation booking. 2. your main program. 3. Downloadable guide.

Legal Pages

Terms of Use – /terms-of-use
Privacy Policy – /privacy-policy
Disclaimers – /disclaimers
DMCA – /dmca

I'll update this page as we add new features to the MAH Wesbite.

Pat Ness,
Founder of Automate WP